A new generation expandable, compact batch-type equipment adopting a module unit system to support all processes from development to mass production

S-FORM Photo

Equipment of a completely new concept of giving concrete form to the needs in the manufacture of devices including MEMS and power semiconductors has been developed. This significantly reduces the footprint by the use of a conveyance system in vertical, lateral, and longitudinal directions, unlike the side-by-side bath system adopted in conventional batch-type cleaning equipment. Easier maintenance by dividing the processing tank line into modules. More flexibly supporting various applications from development to mass production applications by combining module units.


Smaller Footprint Space saving achieved by longitudinally laying out the bath
Expandability Expandable by combining module units
Shorter Delivery Time A common platform reducing man-power and lead time
Downtime Reduction Uniform piping configuration for each module contributing to reduce downtime
High Throughput Compatible with half-pitch ensuring high productivity

Supported processes

RCA Cleaning / Nitride Film Removal / Oxide Film Removal / Polymer Removal / Resist Stripping / Silicon Etching / Sacrificial Layer Etching / Metal Etching / Developing